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Communication is core to your business.

Invest in it.

Chat with clients about photos

  • Clients post photos throughout the week

  • Chat about each "post" to keep clients accountable and offer encouragement

  • Send your own photos or videos to all clients to connect with and inspire your people!

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Customizable client check-ins

  • In addition to photos, clients can post short nutrition or workout check-ins

  • Each check-in prompts a short conversation to build your relationships

  • Customize the questions to fit your business!

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Dead simple (so clients actually use it)

  • Clients can create a post with four taps!

  • Schedule "requested photos" from your clients to remind them to stay accountable throughout the week

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Organized communication

  • One simple view for all your clients

  • Messages are grouped with each post to keep everything clean and easy to navigate

  • Go through the latest photos and unread messages quickly (and all at once!)

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Professional and branded

  • Add your own business name and logo

  • Work with our team to set up branded colors

  • Give new clients a professional place to connect!

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Try It Out

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