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TrainTracks meets trainers where they are

There are lots of apps that ask you to do things their way. If you move your business online, stick to their types of workouts, market yourself through their platform, and charge clients extra, then they have the perfect app for you!


If you ask trainers what they think is important to their business, they'll tell you it's about relationships, accountability, and client success. Celebrate small victories. Keep clients motivated between sessions. Check in to help clients stay accountable.

Dan portrait.jpg

Hi there. My name is Dan, and I'm the founder and developer of TrainTracks. I live in San Diego, fitness capital of the USA.


I'm not a personal trainer. Here in SD, I'm surrounded by coaches of all types, which makes this the perfect place to learn.

TrainTracks started as a conversation with a trainer friend about the time he spent rifling through texts, and the effort he put into helping his clients between sessions.

From there, TrainTracks was built from the ground up to be "texting, but better". Trainers get more out of the messages that they already send, to build good relationships.

As the app developed, I learned more and more from the trainers I spoke with. Dedicated clients give the best referrals. Building a connection turns a new client into a lifelong client. Relationships are the foundation that accountability is built on.

I hope TrainTracks can help you stay organized and stress less about client texts, so you can focus on building your business and helping your clients achieve success.

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